When it comes time to sell your propane company, you want to make sure the important things are taken care of. Sure, the numbers have to add up, and they will, but it’s more than that. It’s about keeping promises to friends and family. Protecting a reputation. Carrying on a legacy. The same thing that burns in you, well, it burns in us, too. When you pass the torch, we’ll keep it lit.

Ferrellgas’ unique business approach focuses on blending the best of both organizations for the maximum benefit of your propane Customers and your Employees.

Ferrellgas’ ESOP is a world-class benefit to your propane team and makes them Employee/Owners.

Your Employees have the chance to grow and develop in a Fortune 1000 company that hasn’t forgotten its roots. We are all on one team, not a collection of individual propane companies.

A significant roster of national and regional propane Customers and a national supply network add firepower to your operations.

Unlike some propane companies who are positioning themselves to be sold, Ferrellgas is significantly invested in the future because we’ll be here to see those investments pay off.

Ferrellgas has been in the propane business for more than 70 years, and we’re tremendously proud of our legacy of excellence. 

We have the ability to offer a wide variety of deal structures to meet your needs and maximize your after-tax dollars.
It's a part of everything we do. Ongoing training, operational investment, and a culture of safety means that Employees, Customers and your community are in good hands.


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Eric Kruger
Vice President Corporate Strategy

Nancy Coop
Business Development Executive-West

J.D. Bain
Business Development Executive-East