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Ferrellgas propane can be used in a variety of applications in the home, including:

• Space heating
• Water heating
• Cooking
• Clothes drying
• Fireplaces
• Standby generators
• Pool and spa heaters

Contact the Employee-Owners of Ferrellgas today to discover the many benefits of our residential propane service.


Ferrellgas propane is used in thousands of industrial/commercial settings throughout the country, including powering forklifts, providing temporary heat at construction sites, and a variety of space heating, water heating, and cooking applications at commercial buildings. Propane is a valuable resource to our nation’s industrial market because it is cost-effective, portable, and produces fewer emissions than other fuels.

Contact your local Ferrellgas team today to discover the benefits of our industrial/commercial propane service.


Ferrellgas propane is used at thousands of farms throughout the United States, powering essential uses such as irrigation engines, grain dryers, brooder houses, flame weeders, standby generators, and light-duty pickup trucks.

Give your agri-business the strong partner it needs. Contact Ferrellgas today for all your agricultural propane needs.


Public and private fleets large and small are discovering the benefits of partnering with Ferrellgas to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles into their fleets. Propane autogas is clean-burning, helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and leading to significantly lower life-cycle vehicle costs for fleets. Propane autogas is also a smart economical alternative to gasoline and diesel, and offers an affordable, easy-to-use infrastructure solution to fleets that need a central refueling location.

Ferrellgas has the expertise fleet owners need to make the switch to the world’s leading alternative fuel. Contact us today for more information.

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